ITLI is an institution providing training and examination at international levels in areas of international transport and logistics, road transport fleet management warehousing and inventory management airfreight and sea freight clearing and forwarding among others. It is the brain child of international logistics companies operating in different regions of the world. Its activities are co-ordinated by an International Affairs Council which comprises highly qualified and experienced logisticians working for the logistics companies supporting the institute.

Each of the regions where member companies are operating provides two (2) logisticians to form the council. The council members are in constant communication to ensure proper running of the institute’s affairs internationally. The institute has regional offices whose intention is to bring services closer to our clients.

The operational regional offices so far are six (6) and we are looking forward to establishing more. The institute intends to contribute to international logistics by researching and providing up to date information on international logistics procedures and practices thereby increasing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the international supply chain.